Sometimes, i just lost in the sea to find the desired website, even if i know that, the specific website i am looking for is exist but can not recall it at that moment. I love to browse websites a lot, seriously, a lot! Having a good memory i can remember 70% of them. And, you know it causes migrain(?) when you can not remember the specific website sometimes. As an example, i need some good food stock photos for a project of mine. Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels, there are lot of websites coming in my mind but i know a specific website that publishes free food photos only, and they are good at that. I searched, felt migraine(?) to remember it. After the project finished with unsplash and pixabay photos (with a lot of searches of course), i remembered the website name was FoodiesFeed.

Well, that is why i came up with a handpicked website tools called WebGoods. Web directory is not a new thing, but as i need tools and resources about Photography, Graphic Design, Web Development, Marketing and bla bla bla, i thought it would be a good idea to create a good list of good web goods. I shared the thought about this project to my friends and colleagues, and they agreed and responded in a second. There are some good web directories available but they are for a very specific subject or ‘all in one’ kind of. I would like to create a good, useful website list of my favorite subjects and topics.

I am Shahadat, mainly a Photographer, Graphic & Motion Graphic Designer and Digital Marketer. The project is entirely made for the necessity of my usage of tools and resources. I can bookmark all the sites and already have lots of bookmark folders for them, this is not enough to organize the tools and sometimes you may have to work on other people devices on the go. People ask me that please tell me some good websites that i can learn about Photography or i can get some free or freemium email marketing tools.

Okay, now i can tell them to browse webgoods.io to find your desired website. And thanks to Wahid & Nazmus to develop this website for me. Hopefully, you, as an anonymous visitor, you would also love this website. If you have something to suggest, edit or contact, please feel free to contact me by clicking the button below.


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